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Partner Services

The SxBRC supplies these standard services to all our partner organisations.

Supply of Sussex species data inventories, in GIS format:
  • Designated species (statutory)
  • Designated species (non-statutory)
  • Notable birds
  • Bat inventory
  • Invasive non-native species (INNS) Inventory
Access to SxBRC’s data request service and supply of Desktop Biodiversity Reports for sites of interest. Within 5 days of request
Production of Biodiversity Annual Monitoring Report providing a retrospective look at the potential impacts on biodiversity of the planning applications that have been permitted or commenced in the financial year. Annually

Examples of bespoke services offered to partners making enhanced contributions to SxBRC have included:

Digitising of species data and electronic archiving of biodiversity reports.
Improving and standardising greenspace information in GIS format.
Reporting on Local Sites in positive conservation management (SDL160).
Providing training in biological recording and the use of iRecord.
Development of online mapping and information delivery.