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SxBRC e-news archive

  1. In this issue

    • Adastra 2020 publication now online
    • Brighton Shore Fauna
    • Keep an eye out for Shieldbugs!
    • Sussex Dragonflies website goes live
    • Work for us!


  2. In this issue

    • Adastra 2020 publication available to pre-order
    • Celebrating the Sussex Recording Community
    • Keep a watch on the water this winter!
    • Species of the month: December Moth(s)
    • News and blogs
    • Biological Recording Events and Training
    • Community Resources


  3. In this issue

    • Lockdown recording
    • Making Natural History virtual festival
    • Have you seen Lacon querceus by your moth trap?


  4. In this issue

    • Sussex Biological Recorders
    • Damselfly Discovery at Sompting
    • Free Butterfly ID course from Sussex Wildlife Trust
    • Bee Atlas Underway


  5. In this issue

    • White-legged Damselfly Investigation calls for your sightings
    • UK Spittlebug survey
    • Species of the month: Pantaloon Bee
    • Nominate a young naturalist for the David Streeter Award, and NBN recording awards nominations open


  6. In this issue

    • BSBI Handbook 20: Hawkweeds of South-East England is now on sale
    • NBN collates Covid-19 survey advice
    • Species of the month: Holly Blue
    • Upload your Puffin snaps for science
    • Local news and blogs
    • "Stay at home" recording events
    • National news


  7. In this issue

    • Adastra 2019 publication now online
    • News roundup from the Sussex Biological Recorders
    • Sussex Botanical Recording Society Launch
    • Species of the month: Pseudoscorpions


  8. In this issue

    • Booking opens for the Sussex Biological Recorders
    • Elusive moth rediscovered on the West Sussex Downs
    • Jamie Burston wins the David Streeter Award for Natural History in Sussex
    • The Stoneworts of Sussex is available for preorder


  9. In this issue

    • Help field test a new grassland Waxcap identification tool
    • Kelp gets the star treatment
    • What’s happening with the distribution of social wasps?
    • First record for East Sussex: Holly-leaved Naiad Najas marina


  10. In this issue

    • A new species for the British Isles found in Marline Valley
    • Rare Dragonflies Spotted at Medmerry
    • Sussex Ancient Tree Forum Launch Event
    • First Sussex Hornet Moth since 1940s


  11. In this issue

    • Sussex Atlas Updates: Sussex Mammal Atlas is now online and Sussex Shieldbug Atlas updated with new data.
    • How can SxBRC support your recording event?
    • Survey of Xylem-feeding insects
    • Species of the month: Bird’s-foot Clover
    • Yellow Cellar Slug sightings wanted!
    • New FSC BioLinks Courses are live
    • Upcoming events: Butterfly Conservation - Black Hairstreak surveys or join SxARG and Sussex Moth Group for a joint event at Rowland Wood
    • National News: The British Lichen Society are tweeting about lichens for 30 days wild, two surveys from PTES, give your views on new species becoming established in the UK and Bulletin 31 from The British Myriapod and Isopod Group is now online.


  12. In this issue

    • Spring surveys. Get involved with a number of surveys from organisations as diverse as The Steyning Downland Scheme, The UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme and British Dragonfly Society to name a few - many more in the newsletter and contact details too.
    • How to help improve biological recording on Romney Marsh
    • Sussex Wildlife Trust is recruiting a Reserves Ecologist
    • Species of the month: Tapered Drone Fly
    • Flies on Four
    • Blogs and updates: British Bryological Society South-East Group, Penny Green, Clare Blecowe’s "Misidentifying Fungi" and Bob Eade’s signs of spring.
    • Upcoming events: Moulscoomb Forest Garden, Sussex Amphibian and Reptile Goup and Friends of Shoreham Beach.


  13. In this issue

    • The Adastra 2018 annual review of biological recording in Sussex is now online.
    • Sussex Biological Recorders’ Seminar news round-up
    • Sussex Fly Group
    • Species of the month: Common Toad
    • 1 million records on iRecord in 2018
    • Blogs and updates: New website for the Sussex Local Wildlife Sites Initiative, SBRS, Clare Blecowe’s "Misidentifying Fungi" and James McCulloch’s "Only Natural"
    • UK biological recording news: Rugged Oil Beetle in Gloucestershire, carrion-feeding flies and the Tanyptera Project is recruiting.
    • Upcoming events: Woods Mill bioblitz, FSC Biolinks events programme and Sussex Shoresearch


  14. In this issue

    • 30th Sussex Biological Recorders’ Seminar - Booking is now open!
    • ‘Wild about Portsmouth’ HLF bid could reveal new records for Sussex
    • NBN Awards 2018: Congratulations to the Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group
    • Species of the month: Goshawk
    • Insects on the move this autumn
    • Blogs and updates from lots of recording groups
    • Upcoming events
    • UK biological recording news


  15. In this issue

    • 7 Million records!
    • Species of the month: The ‘Autumn Colletes‘
    • Identikit workshop spaces
    • Emthree turns 15!
    • Insects on the move this autumn
    • Blogs and updates from lots of recording groups
    • Upcoming recording events and forays
    • UK biological recording news


  16. In this issue

    • Gatwick Wildlife Day: the Stats!
    • Species of the month: The Darters
    • 50 years of Woods Mill - Bioblitz at Woods Mill
    • Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre annual report for 2017/18
    • Blogs and updates from lots of recording groups
    • Upcoming recording events and forays
    • UK biological recording news


  17. In this issue

    • The Atlas of Sussex Shieldbugs is here!
    • Introducing the new Local Wildlife Sites Officer
    • Species of the month: Heart Moth
    • Focus on fungus recording
    • Desktop report updates: WeBS count information
    • New Chief Executive of Sussex Wildlife Trust: Tor Lawrence
    • One Million Moths!
    • Local news


  18. In this issue

    • Date for The Sussex biological recorders' seminar
    • Recorder 6 consultation
    • Species of the month: Bee-flies
    • Celebrating re-introduced species - in Sussex
    • Common Clubtail dragonfly count 2018


  19. In this issue

    • Welcome to the new e-news
    • Local Wildlife Sites Initiative is happening!
    • Species of the month: Scarlet Elfcup
    • UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme
    • Tony Whitbread announcement