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Meet the team

Nowhere are you more likely to come across a more rambunctious posse of hipsters than at the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre - committed cake eaters each and every one.

For general enquiries or for more information on our services please email:


Henri Brocklebank

Director of Conservation (SWT)
Please email

Henri’s role is to promote Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre’s products and services amongst strategic decision makers in Sussex and beyond. She is enthusiastic about ensuring that biodiversity information remains at the very heart of discussions and developments in the natural capital agenda.


Andrew Lawson

GIS Manager
Please email

Andrew has a background in ecology, and also Geographic Information Systems. He handles more complex data requests and larger pieces of project work for Record Centre partners, and specialises in habitat data capture using the Sussex Habitat Framework. In recent years, Ecosystem Services, Natural Capital approaches, and Ecological Networks have been an increasingly significant focus of his work.


Bob Foreman

Biodiversity Data Specialist
Please email

Bob oversees all species data entry. He liaises with biological recorders all over Sussex and is on several recording group committees. He manages several websites linked with the Record Centre. Bob has a practical conservation background and is a keen biological recorder in his spare time, with a particular love of moth-trapping.


Helen Burgess

Biodiversity Data Officer
Please email

Helen works for the Record Centre part-time, co-ordinating the data request service producing ecological data search reports for sites across Sussex. She has a particular interest in bats and is member of the Sussex Bat Group. The rest of her working week is spent making ceramic wildlife.


Becky Walton

Biodiversity Data Officer
Please email

Becky’s role is split between providing administrative support to the Local Wildlife Sites Initiative and producing ecological search reports for the data request service. She is a keen wildlife gardener, allotmenter and biological recorder, with a particular passion for pollinators and plants.


Millie Brand

GIS Officer
Please email

Millie has a background in geography, and specialises in Geographical Information System projects within the Record Centre, such as systems development, digitisation, and making online maps. She has a particular interest in wildlife photography, and enjoys exploring the Sussex countryside with her camera in her spare time.