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Hello, and thanks for your interest in this grassland waxcap identification support tool.


This version of the tool is being made available for field testing purposes. I’d be interested to know what users think of it and grateful if you report any issues here.

The tool covers species in the British grassland waxcap assemblage, as set out in the JNCC Guidelines for the Selection of Biological SSSIs: Chapter 14, Non-lichenised Fungi. It is designed to be used in conjunction with David Boertmann’s book: ‘The genus Hygrocybe, 2nd revised edition’ (2010).

Waxcaps were at one time grouped together in the genus Hygrocybe. Modern molecular research is changing our understanding of these species and they are now placed in several different genera. This tool works off the taxon names used by Boertmann in 2010 - i.e. Hygrocybe sensu lato, ‘in the broad sense’ - for ease of reading across to the detailed descriptions you can find in Boertmann’s book. You can find the current preferred taxon name in the species windows.

This tool has been put together by an amateur field mycologist, as a hobby project. Advice from more experienced mycologists has been sought and gratefully received, and I have done my best to take account of feedback. Still, responsibility for any errors or shortcomings sits with me. Further information on this tool and full acknowledgements can be found in this technical note.

Identification queries should be directed towards your local fungus recording group (in Sussex this would be Sussex Fungus Group or the West Weald Fungus Recording Group) or you might like to try the British Mycological Society group on Facebook.

Your local group should also be able to advise you on options for capturing and sharing your fungus records. I’d recommend iRecord.

Happy waxcap hunting!