Projects & Services

The record centre is always involved in a wide variety of projects, activities and surveys, and provides a number of services beyond our data request service. These range from the long-term hedgerow survey project run by Peter Challis to modelling of potential habitat on the South Downs or the development of custom software to aid in record entry.

We are also able to make effective use of the data we hold by engaging in analysis and desk-study projects. We are able to use our technical expertise to manipulate and import large quantities of data and we are regularly engaged in projects with indivduals, recording schemes, partners and organisations to import their data into our central database.

We recognise that modern-day recording can be a minefield of technology, scientific jargon and differing methodologies. We can provide help, support, training and talks in the various aspects of biological recording. This can include software and technical support, help with developing a comprehensive monitoring system or basic recording advice. If you require our help, or simply require advice, please do get in touch.

Some projects we are currently involved in:

  • Hedgerow surveying
  • Importing of Sussex Ornithological Society dataset
  • Applying species data to the habitat potential mapping of the proposed South Downs National Park
  • Cross referencing the vascular plant, bryophyte and lichen data held by SxBRC with the species for which Sussex SSSIs were notified to assess the current status of these species
  • Identifying the location of potential floodplain woodland sites in Sussex