Record Centre Survey Unit

Ecological surveys are an essential first step in wildlife conservation and the management of reserves and other protected areas. All kinds of people and organisations need to know what there is on land that they own or manage. The plants and animals of East and West Sussex have been studied and recorded for many years. Although there is a wealth of information available, there is still plenty that we do not know.

Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre provides a first-class service to all those requiring information on habitats, species and surveys, but it recognises that there are gaps in the information that it holds.

In order to complement the work carried out by SxBRC, the Record Centre Survey Unit (RCSU) was launched in June 2003. RCSU undertakes ecological surveys on behalf of SxBRC Partners, operating as a not-for-profit consultancy that sub-contracts biological surveyors to carry out the field surveys. RCSU organises and manage the surveys, ensuring that each is of the highest quality, with the added bonus that these surveys utilises local expertise and knowledge.

Rhingia rostrata

The surveyors, who predominantly live in or near Sussex, gain additional opportunities for survey work, yet without the responsibility of much of the administrative work associated with ecological contracts. The RCSU has to date completed a number of ecological surveys, including:

Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre is a not-for-profit partnership organisation based at Sussex Wildlife Trust.

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