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West Weald Recording Day, May 2009

Tanyptera atrata
We brought together a keen group of twenty naturalists on May 23rd for a day of intensive surveying of different species in the West Weald Landscape Project (WWLP) area. Our efforts concentrated on two distinct sites which are the subject of new conservation work by the WWLP in the vicinity of Ebernoe and Kirdford respectively.

The enthusiasm of the naturalists resulted in long lists of new species records, spanning a great range of groups from lichens and plants through diverse types of insects to birds and reptiles. The new insects discovered proved especially interesting, including a ‘nationally notable’ black and red click beetle Ampedus elongantulus and a huge striking cranefly (or “daddy long legs”) Tanyptera atrata which represents a first record for Sussex. New records of the rare brown hairstreak and grizzled skipper butterflies also came to light.

Ampedus elongantulus
This species information will prove invaluable in underpinning our work to advise, manage and monitor these important sites and so advance conservation on a bigger scale working in partnership with private landowners in the West Weald.

Pictures: Graeme Lyons