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Recorders' Seminar 2008

190+ Homo sapiens ssp. sussexeus were recorded on Saturday 23rd February, shoe-horned into Adastra Hall in Hassocks for the 19th Sussex Biological Recorders Seminar. A great day was had by all with a winning combination of excellent speakers, an enchanting atmosphere that no-one but the Sussex recording community could supply and endless cups of tea and sandwiches supplied by the Adastra catering team. There aren’t many places where one could hear phrases such as “…and the place was just stuffed full of Cladonias” and “I found a new species for Sussex in my garage guttering” whilst standing in the lunch queue.

The speakers took us on a multimedia tour of various places and habitats, ranging from the fascinating soft cliffs of Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve down into the magical world of seagrass which can be found off of the Sussex coast. We were introduced to the sordid going-ons of the Damselfly world, learned about the intricacies of designating hymenopteran BAP species and shown the history of veteran tree recording in Sussex. We were saddened by the plight of the hedgehog in the UK but heartened by the enthusiastic efforts of the Sussex Grayling Species Champion. There just wasn’t enough time in the day to squeeze it all in.

Thanks to all of the speakers and the audience for making it yet another special seminar.

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