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Bird Inventory Launch

Closeup of Jay's feather

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Sussex Bird Inventory.

Working in partnership with the Sussex Ornithological Society, SxBRC now holds over 800,000 bird records ranging from 1990 to 2005, with further records being added on an annual basis. These bird data are now available to you in our desktop biodiversity reports. It should be noted that while these reports are richly populated with bird data, they do not include breeding season records of Wildlife & Countryside Act Schedule 1 birds and several other sensitive birds. A full list of these excluded species and their breeding seasons can be downloaded as a PDF.

Birds are important indicator species of key habitats and can be more easily monitored than many other species groups, so we are confident this information will aid developers, consultants and members of the public in making better informed decisions.

The Bird Inventory searches can be based on a particular site and its surroundings, and will present all bird species recorded in that area, showing the first and last date it was recorded on, and how many times it has been recorded. Other helpful information within the report includes:

  • a contextual statement for each bird species explaining the type of habitat and food sources it requires and its status in Sussex;
  • an icon to show if it is a Schedule 1 species.

More information about the Bird Inventory is available on our Species Inventories page.