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Bat Training in Brighton

Pipistrelle bat in flight

The Sussex Bat Group and Sussex Mammal Society – with some help from the lottery – are trying to find out more about bats in cities.

What does the survey involve?

  • You need to come along to a training session (see below)
  • You will be given a bat detector (if you don’t have one) and a place to survey.
  • We will cover the survey method during the training session.
  • You will need to be able to find someone who can come with you on the survey – no one should survey alone.
  • You will be asked to walk your survey route twice in August and fill out a simple survey form. I will collect your survey forms and detectors at the end of August.
  • Sorry, you have to be 18 to do this survey!

Bats in Brighton Training Session
Date: Sunday 29th July
Time 5pm – 10 (ish)pm

We will have a short training session indoors and then hopefully go and hear some bats.

If you are interested please send a message to Cath Laing containing your name, address, daytime and evening telephone number. Also please let Cath know if you have a bat detector.

Picture: Hugh Clark/Sussex Wildlife Trust