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Bat Surveyors Wanted in Brighton

Brown long-eared bat
Do you live in Brighton?

Do you have two evenings free in August? Want to help out with a bat survey?

Ideally you will have a bat detector but if not, don’t worry, we can lend you one.

What’s the survey about?

  • We are trying to find out more about bats in urban areas.
  • We need surveyors to walk a survey route from their house and record the numbers of bats they hear. The survey itself takes about 45 minutes and needs to take place just before sunset.
  • You don’t have to identify individual bat species.

There will be a short training session on Wed 22 July in the evening at the Booth Museum for anyone who wants to take part.

This survey is a repeat of one that took place in 2007 – all previous surveyors are welcome to take part again!

If you interested please send a message to Cath Laing containing:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your daytime and evening telephone number
  • Do you already have a bat detector?

[ Email Cath ]