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A Very Special Sussex Species

Once a year there is a curious gathering of a very special Sussex species: the biological recorder. Usually they would be found in their natural out-of-doors habitat; on heathland, downland or woodland, but for just one day a year they come together in a communal winter roost at Adastra Hall in Hassocks.

During the day several speakers entertain the audience with tales of scientific discovery in Sussex and recording groups display their latest projects so that interested volunteers can get involved, such as atlas survey work. At lunchtime there is a feeding frenzy of sandwiches and cakes and talk of the coming year’s survey plans and then more cake. There is simply not enough time to feed, chatter and drink before it’s time to return to their perches for more delicious information. By the end of the afternoon session the flock, repleat with the new information they have consumed, say farewell and part once again for a whole year to play on their summer pastures, complete with their summer plumage of nets, magnifying-lenses and binoculars.

If you’re interested in attending the next Sussex Biological Recorders Seminar, get in touch with Penny Green.