Sussex BAP Species Inventory

The Sussex Biodiversity Action Plan Species Inventory (Sussex BAPSI) is based on the new UK List of Priority Species and Habitats, which was launched in 2007 by the UK Biodiversity Partnership and replaces the old list. The new list contains 1,149 species and 65 habitats.

View a full list of the Sussex BAP species.

Bat and bird records are not included in the BAP species inventory. These records are listed in separate inventories which flag up those species included in the UK BAP.

Sussex BAPSI searches can be based on a particular site and its surroundings, and will present all BAP species recorded in that area. However, if there is more than one record of a species at a grid reference, we only supply the most recent record. This ensures the reports stay consise, relevant and readable.

Other helpful information within the BAPSI report includes:

  • A short statement for each species provides some background information as to the distribution of the species. This contextual information briefly paints both a national and local picture of the species, thus giving guidance to the enquirer regarding the relevance of the record in question.
  • Species designations; e.g. European Protected Species.
  • The labelling of species which appear in the 'England Biodiversity List' to meet the requirements of Section 41 of the NERC Act (2006).

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