Species Data

The Record Centre holds over 6 million species records for Sussex. These records have come from over 12,000 individual recorders and recording organisations and are the basis of the species records that appear in our Data Request Service reports. Each record has, as a minimum, details of what species or taxon was recorded, where it was found, when it was found and by whom it was recorded.

The species data cover all taxonomic groups across both East and West Sussex. Naturally, as a dataset, it has strengths and weaknesses, with some taxonomic groups or geographic areas being particularly well covered, and some not. The Record Centre works with many recording groups and individuals to try and remedy any “gaps” in the data, as well as validating the accuracy, and of course, keeping the data as up to date as possible.

Within the data-set a small amount of records are marked as confidential. This information is not given out with data requests unless we have the permission of the original recorder.