Biological Recorders’ Seminar

The Sussex Biological Recorders’ Seminar is an annual event where nearly 200 recorders flock from all over Sussex to enjoy talks on all aspects of biological recording. The talks cover diverse groups ranging from slime moulds to birds and butterflies to bats. The day is aimed at recorders of all levels, whether experienced professional or budding enthusiast.

It is a great occasion for biological recorders to meet up with each other and to catch up on projects in Sussex. At lunchtime one can always join in with interesting conversations about the latest rare lichen to be found and where a hotspot for an elusive Sussex beetle is. The atmosphere is wonderful with buzzing dialogue that has Sussex wildlife at the heart of it.

All around the hall there is an array of different displays to visit, showing new and established projects and recording group information stands for people new to the recording realm. There are always books for sale, and leaflets and maps to peruse.

The talks are inspirational, often with stunning pictures; the speakers talk so passionately about their subject, with funny anecdotes and scientific tips, that you can’t help but wonder if perhaps there are enough hours in a day to get involved with just one more recording group.


The conference is usually held in February and is announced around November the preceeding year. If you are interested in attending, please contact us and we will add you to our mailing list.