Habitat Data

We hold a large library of habitat data for the two counties including the West Sussex aerial interpretation phase 1 data. Data are usually stored in our GIS, but we also have biotope point data stored in Recorder 6. Here is a list of the habitat data we hold or have access to:

Priority Habitats

  • Ancient and/or species-rich hedgerows
  • Cereal field margins
  • Chalk rivers
  • Coastal and floodplain grazing marsh
  • Coastal saltmarsh
  • Coastal sand dunes
  • Coastal vegetated shingle
  • Eutrophic standing waters (pond data)
  • Fens
  • Lowland calcareous grassland
  • Lowland heathland
  • Maritime cliff and slopes
  • Mudflats
  • Reedbeds
  • Saline lagoons
  • Wet woodland/Floodplain Forest

Further information on BAP habitats can be found here

Special to Sussex non-BAP

  • Ghyll Woodland
  • Sandstone outcrops
  • Roadside verges
  • Urban areas
  • Ancient Woodland

Other Habitat Data

  • West Sussex phase 1 (aerial interpretation – 2001)
  • South Downs East Sussex phase 1 (aerial interpretation – 1999)
  • South Downs habitat potential model