Habitat Data

We maintain a significant library of habitat data for Sussex. This includes many Section 41 Habitats of Principle Importance datasets amongst others, which are either created in-house or obtained from external sources.

Section 41 Habitats of Principle Importance mapped in Sussex:

  • Coastal and floodplain grazing marsh
  • Coastal saltmarsh
  • Coastal sand dunes
  • Coastal vegetated shingle
  • Deciduous Woodland
  • Eutrophic standing waters (pond data)
  • Hedgerows
  • Inland rock outcrop and scree habitats
  • Intertidal chalk
  • Intertidal mudflats
  • Lowland calcareous grassland
  • Lowland dry acid grassland
  • Lowland fen
  • Lowland heathland
  • Maritime cliff and slopes
  • Ponds
  • Purple moor grass and rush pastures
  • Reedbed
  • Saline lagoon
  • Traditional orchards
  • Wood pasture and parkland

Further information on the above (formerly UK BAP priority habitats) can be found here